Monday, 7 March 2011


 The idea that we have come up with for Hack Day 2011 is to integrate the emotions from your tweets with music that surround the emotion within the tweet.

MoodTune will be an online application that will automatically generate music playlists based on the emotion found within a tweet. The application will retrieve the user’s most recent tweets and allow them to generate a playlist based on the emotional context of the tweet.

The hope of MoodTune is simple, if the user is in a positive mood, provide a playlist that will ensure the positive mood is continued, if the user is in a negative mood provide a playlist that will lift this mood.

 We have decided to make MoodTune an online application that will be accessed through a website. To implement MoodTune we have decided to use .NET for the website and C# for the actual application code.

MoodTune will also depend heavily upon a SQL database that will contain all the data needed for the logic to work. The database will contain a list of users registered with the site along with any playlists they have generated.